The Population Bomb (working title) is a feature documentary film investigating the biggest unspoken issue of the 21st century. The elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about: so controversial of a subject, it has become as one expert calls it, “the Cinderella of the great sustainability debate-rarely visible in public, or even in private”.

The film starts out by investigating why a topic so widely debated in the 1960s from- whether one sided with Nixon who saw population growth as the most serious challenge to human destiny, or with John Lennon who attacked it as government propaganda to divert attention from Vietnam- has become such a taboo that few governments or experts dare raise the problem anymore.


It then explores how every major issue facing the planet today, from global warming to conflict over decreasing land and resources, and from unemployment to overconsumption, all find roots in population growth.

Asking how the Earth can sustain the projected 9 billion inhabitants by 2050, the film seeks to examine the various challenges by interviewing experts, scientists, economists, environmentalists and the CIA, all raising the alarm about the changing demographics, though seldom heard.

Beyond interviews, cinéma vérité scenes will reveal the challenges of slum life to which more and more are condemned; the role of the Church in curbing a Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines that would give free contraceptives to the poor; or how unemployment and rising food prices were the final straw in pushing people to the streets from Tunisia to Egypt.

More than just calling attention to the issue of population growth, the film addresses successful solutions to the problem while acknowledging the many battles that remain to be fought.

The Population Bomb is a powerful film, intelligent and entertaining, that will force a long ignored topic back into public discourse.